Common Plumbing Breakdowns And How To Repair Them


Do you have an idea that the average household leakage in the waterway can add up to 10,000 gallons of water each year? This is the same amount of water that is required to wash 250 loads or more of laundry. And this calculation is just for the minor leaks, but what are the major leaks that occur due to the blockage of the pipes or any puncture in the pipeline?

Most of the homeowners do not feel to contact the plumber for the minor problems that are caused in the pipelines or for the small drip in the pipe. They feel that they are minor problems that can be solved at home without the help of the professional. Maybe they will fix them one day. But, when you shall contact the Emergency Plumber in Oban for assistance? Unfortunately, the plumbing emergencies come at the time when you have to fix something in a hurry. At worse situations, you are having your own home and you have to fix the plumbing problem anyhow, there is no path unavoidable. Here are some of the common plumbing breakdowns and how you can fix them-

  1. Blocked drains and toilets

It is one of the common problems that you can face in your home. The blocked drains can be caused by a lot of reasons. The wet wipes, the cotton balls, the medicine wrappers and other small items can cause blockage in the pipelines and in the drains. Thus, when you are facing such problems, it is better that you hire the professional to eliminate the blockage in the pipelines and drains. Blocked drains can cause lots of problems in the home.

  1. The dreaded cold shower in bathroom

If there is no hot water in the home and it disappears suddenly, then there should be certainly some major problems that are causing the main issue. If you are living in the old home, may be any one of the older appliances has come to the last stage. In this case, you require hiring a professional company to schedule the water heater installation. Otherwise, there will be the further problem in the cold shower in the bathroom.

  1. Water overflow

What should be that when the faucet is leaking water all over? What will happen when the water shuts down automatically? In almost all the household faucets, the valve is located on the right side under the sink. When the water stops suddenly, it is better that you contact the plumber. When the water overflows, try to clean it with the mop.

These common problems are faced by the homeowners quite often. You can hire an Emergency Plumber in Oban to give the best results at home plumbing system.