Why Gardening Is Such A Great Idea


There is nothing quite like fresh fruit and vegetables picked directly from the garden. Gardening is something that virtually anyone can do, and there are so many reasons why it is a great idea to give it a try. Besides growing fruits and vegetables, it is always nice to have a beautiful array of flowers to gaze upon each day in your yard. This article will explain why gardening is such a wonderful idea for the environment and yourself as well.

Gardening is an activity that can really help to reduce your stress level. Being out in the garden alone with your thoughts allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let your mind wander freely. Gardening is a great time for self discovery and helps you to appreciate the beauty in life a bit more. Seeing your garden flourish will also make you feel good about the work you put into it helping make it grow. There is nothing quite like the proud feeling you get serving a meal knowing you grew the food yourself.

As relaxing as gardening is, it also takes hard work and dedication. A garden will not grow itself, it needs to be nurtured. Growing a garden allows you to learn the entire process of growth from seedling to fruit, vegetables or flowers. This sometimes long but rewarding process helps to give you an appreciation for the foods you eat, and the time that goes into making that possible. Growing your own food also gives you complete control over the growing process which allows you to avoid harmful pesticides and other chemicals. You can feel comfortable about eating fruit straight from the garden without ingesting any toxins (maybe just a little dirt).

As much work as you put into your garden, there are certain elements that are crucial to your success. The earth, sun and rain are all elements that play major roles in the ultimate success of a garden. Gardening gives you a front row seat to nature creating and growing something right before your eyes, and of course you are also part of that delicate process. Learning the way the soil will effect your garden, how much sun certain plants need and how often they should be watered will help to give you an appreciation for the awesomeness of man and nature working side by side.

Growing your own garden not only benefits you, but the environment as well. Large farms where fruits and vegetables are grow tend to use pesticides, insecticides and other treatments to keep critters from consuming their crops. Although helpful to the farmers and the survival of the crops, it is also polluting the ground. Growing your own produce also eliminates tractor trailers from having to haul the loads cross country, adding to the pollution in the air. Gardening is an eco-friendly way to reduce your carbon footprint on this fragile earth.

Gardening is not only good for the soul, it is good for the environment too. If you have been thinking about giving gardening a try, hopefully this article has you feeling positive about getting started. Once you are picking your own produce and flowers you will be so glad that you started gardening.