How To Give Your Garden A Vintage Makeover


A lot of people don’t always consider decorating their garden. Perhaps it can be too costly, but it also gives your garden a sense of your style.

Depending on how decorative you want the result to be, you can hire a skilled landscape design Eastern Suburbs from Amico,or you can add a few touches by yourself.

Great designs include even the walls.

In this article, you will learn different ideas to turn your garden into a vintage haven.

  1. Antique Chairs As Planters

Antique lawn chairs are a unique way to display your pots and planters. You can even paint it to match your fence. For larger pots, place it directly on the chair. If you have a bunch of small pots, you can line them up altogether.

  • Vintage Plates For Decor

Whether you have your grandma’s plates stored in your garage or you bought a bunch of them from the thrift store, vintage plates serve as great displays and accent décor for your garden. If your plate is too sentimental, you can opt to display them somewhere safer. For thrift store plates, you can either hang them up on your fences to frame the area. You can also line them up in a pathway and place small flower pots right on top.

  • Old Wheelbarrows For Display

If you have a wheelbarrow lying around in your backyard, put it to good use. A rusty, old wheelbarrow makes for a great accent piece wherein you can put gardening tools, rocks, or other supplies. Or, you can transfer some plants and turn it into a wheelbarrow planter.

  • Old Ladder Accent

If you still have your old or broken ladder, use it to display a bunch of your flowerpots or another garden décor. Place a pot or décor on each step to add height to your garden. It’s up to you if you want to paint it or leave it rustic looking.

  • Pots And Teacups For Decoration

There are many things you can do with vintage pots and teacups, and one of them is to use it as decoration for your garden. Pots and teacups of various shapes, colors, and sizes make for a great accent décor to your area. You can even use the pots, or pitchers, as planters. Teacups are lovely paired with your beautiful flowers.

  • Rusty Metal Buckets

Vintage buckets are often present in most homes and gardens. While they are usually set aside, they make for great decoration pieces for a vintage themed garden. There are many ways to use rusty metal buckets as garden décor. You can hang some up to act as planters for air plants or line them up your front porch. A rusty bucket always screams vintage style.

  • Colander As Planters

Vintage metal colanders are great as makeshift planters. For one, they already have holes like most pots do, plus they usually come in bright colors and can stand on its own. If you only have one vintage colander, make it a centerpiece planter on a table or hang it near your porch.

Always go for top gardening experts to ensure quality results.

Final Word

Styling your garden is not as necessary as having regular garden maintenance Darlington by Amico, but it sure does add a lot of style into your garden. With the right accent pieces and decorative items, you can turn your plain garden into a vintage wonderland.