Creating a Stunning Garage – Upgrade Today


Garages are often dismissed as simple parking places or storage areas for the pack-rat, however, a garage can be a lot more. With some effort and creativity, the garage can be transformed into a place to showcase your vehicle, to work on projects in style or even as a living space. Here are some useful upgrades you can make to your garage today.

Make Your Floor Shine

One of the most eye-catching upgrades you can do to your garage is to upgrade your floor. There are a lot of options out there. You can install floor tiles, you can paint the concrete with epoxy or a polyaspartic coating, you can even use floor covers that just stick to the floor. A lot of people have equipment and workbenches on casters to allow them to be moved around. If you do this, be sure your casters use phenolic wheels (these are safer than metal wheels that tend to gouge and scratch floor coverings).

Make Your Garage Door Smart

An upgrade that is getting more common in our technologically-inclined society is a smart garage door opener. This upgrade allows you to control your garage from your smartphone. You can check remotely to see if your garage door is open and close it if needed. You can even set it up to interact with your smart home devices.

Make Your Garage Less Cluttered

Garages can easily get cluttered, so another upgrade you can do to reduce this problem is to get organized. There are lots of garage organization products available on the internet and your local home improvement store. Add pegboard to your walls and organize your tools, install cabinets to store your supplies, put workbenches and work tables on casters to allow you to move them around as needed. No matter what your need, there is a storage and organization solution out there for you.

Make Your Garage Comfortable

One of the biggest issues with garages is that they tend to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Unlike the rest of your home, your garage is probably uninsulated, which can make it very uncomfortable depending on the season. If you use your garage for work, or even as a living area, insulating it will save you money in your energy bills, and allow you to use it year-round.

Your garage doesn’t have to be the place you hide from visitors. Upgrade it from a storage bin or parking place into a real showcase of your home.