Common Building Disputes and How they can be resolved


No matter how careful you are, you can never be so sure that a building dispute will not happen. Construction is hard work. Sometimes, homeowner and builder don’t see eye to eye.

Some disputes can be solved easily. Sometimes they blow up out of proportion quickly and get so out of hand that experts need to be called in to help resolve the building dispute.

These are common causes of building disputes:

Poor builder workmanship

If you’re a homeowner spending so much money to get the dream home you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, and you see that the tiling in your dream bathroom is tacky and falling apart, you will definitely be angry.

Poor builder workmanship can be anything from faulty plumbing, bad roofing, leaks that only come up after sgtrong rain fall, uneven flooring, walls that are not smooth, use of the wrong materials, substituting materials other than those specified in the contract, and so on.

Slow work progress

Sometimes, it seems that builders take such a long time to finish a project. They have no sense of urgency. Meanwhile, the homeowner is stressed because she’s bleeding money, her family has no nice home to go home to, and she’s just so anxious to have the construction job done and over with.

There are some excusable delays in construction. And there are delays that are entirely the fault of a builder. On some occassions, the delay can be because of the late delivery of materials by a supplier. Any delays slow down the progress of the construction project, and this causes a dent in the relationship of the builder and homeowner.


Sometimes things don’t pan out as it was planned. Any variation in the construction contracts should be clearly communicated by the builder to the client. Any changes to the construction contract must be supported by documentation and agreed upon by both parties involved. Because if not, this is grounds for a building dispute complaint to be lodged.

Who can help with Building Disputes

The simplest answer is: Get advice from a building and construction lawyer.

A lawyer is not exactly on your list of people to hire when you’re building your dream home. But what you don’t realize is a lawyer who specialises in construction law can help you avoid any building disputes. Right from the start, he can make sure that what you’re signing is a good contract. There are some tricky builders out there trying to con people so they can make more money. A lawyer will be able to see the warning signs.

A building lawyer gives you the right legal advice. He can actually help you save money and keep you away from stress in the long run.

If you’re already in trouble and are getting into shouting matches with your builder, call a building lawyer quick! He can help you file a complaint. He can talk to your builder on your behalf. He can even terminate the contract you have with your builder.

Save yourself from so much uneccessary stress. If you’re in a situation, know that there are experts in construction law who can help remedy the situation.

Talk to a building lawyer who specialises in residential building disputes. Contracts Specialist’s principal lawyer, John Dela Cruz has more than 10 years of experience being a building and construction disputes lawyer. He can put your life back on track.