7 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Privacy Screen


You can feel your neighbours’ eyes behind your back whenever you relax in the garden or swimming pool, and you’re not happy about it. After some thought, you’ve decided to carve out some well-deserved safe space by installing an outdoor privacy screen. However, the endless selection of privacy screens might overwhelm you!

At the same time, you might also be unsure about the type of screen that best suits your property. Should you go for something solid or lightweight or covered in leaves?

Fortunately, you can easily narrow down your choices if you know what important factors you need to consider. Here are 7 tips to help you choose the right outdoor privacy screens for your property.

Choose the Right Outdoor Privacy Screen with These 7 Tips

1.     Be Practical

You might think of walls, fences, and hedges for your new outdoor privacy screen. These can be attractive structures, but they’re not always necessary or practical. For one, would you really set up a 2.5-meter high boxwood hedge around a small personal jacuzzi? Or will a row of deciduous shrubs still provide any privacy once they shed their leaves during the off-season?

Be sure that the privacy screen you have in mind is a smart choice for your property. Go for prolific evergreen shrubs if you need thick coverage in a short time.

2.     Get Inspired by Your Surroundings

Your first option for a privacy screen may not be your best choice. It’s a good idea to browse for additional ideas. Check out garden shows, local spring gardens, and catalogues. Take a walk around your area and borrow ideas from your neighbours’ front yards. You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you can gather!

3.     Mind Your Budget

It can be frustrating to have a half-finished privacy screen simply because you forgot about your budget. Make sure you have enough funds for your desired outdoor privacy screen! You’ll need to buy enough material for the width and height of the area you’d like to screen off.

4.     Consider Your Neighbours

It’s one thing to keep your garden out of neighbours’ sight, but it’s something else to annoy your neighbours with an unsightly privacy screen. You may have to sacrifice self-expression to stay in good graces with neighbours and your homeowners’ association. After all, your neighbours might not be okay with their kids walking past a graphic mural or a wall of empty beer cans.

5.     Be Sure Your Privacy Screen is Feasible

If you’re thinking of putting the privacy screen together yourself, do you have the necessary skills and know-how to do it? Or are you willing to spend more to hire a professional (such as a landscape architect) for the screen of your dreams? If not, you might end up with a poorly made screen that your neighbours may giggle about as they pass.

Sometimes, your best bet is to stick with a privacy screen that is both simple and elegant. Unless you have expert craftsmanship or the means to hire a professional, lay off the intricate carvings and elaborate cut-outs.

6.     Match Your Privacy Screen with Your Home

Even the most sophisticated privacy screen will look cheap if it clashes with the aesthetic of your home. Your privacy screen should blend in with the rest of your property, not draw confused looks from neighbours. Plan well if you’re going to match, say, a bohemian fence made of recycled doors with a Victorian-style house.

7.     Divert Neighbours’ Eyes

Try adding some tasteful visual interest to the outside of your privacy screen. It may sound counterintuitive, but art or potted plants along the screen can hold neighbours’ attention and squash their curiosity. On the other hand, a blank space may tempt people to take a peek behind.

You can find it easier to choose an outdoor privacy screen that is functional, beautiful, and within your budget. Take note of these 7 tips and enjoy your newfound privacy in your backyard!

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